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Model: Decoda-Broadway-
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 Model : Decoda-Broadway-

Model Portfolio : Decoda-Broadway-

Welcome to my page!
About : Decoda Broadway
I am down to earth, friendly, I like to have fun and I am professional. I'm Strong-willed, confident and feminine. I am persistent, and set goals that I fight to reach. A little Edgy, Eclectic, Fascinating, Bizarre, Endearing and Provocative.
I understand the importance of tact and class. I have direction, I have layers and unless you are close to me you will never understand.
I value nature and the outdoors. I always have advice. I love to learn and listen. I feel it is important for personal growth.
I appreciate myself. I have a positive outlook on life. I am intuitive and a bit investigative. The closest people to me come first in my life. Most importantly I am spiritual!! I am thankful!!
Check out
We will feature the hottest models, artist, photographers, and producers. We also have some hot articles on music, sex ,money and fashion.
Jordan River will be launching her Thickeradio show called Thicker Than Water, Mon-Thurs and ladies night every Friday on in March of 09. Well will keep you posted on the exact date!
Models: For all casting inquries e -mail me at: [email protected] Come Indulge In the New Ultra Sexy!!!
My personal myspace page is
Thank you for dropping in, Decoda Broadway Model/Casting Director
Credits THICKEMAGAZINE.COM Jordan River CEO Anthony Powell-Photographer Decoda Broadway-Model/Casting Director Panama Dulce-Model/Radio Personality Bogen-(recently excepted) Contributing Photographer OB1 the Chief-Promotions Kenny Ferracho-KF Media Erica Santos-Public Relations As well as all of the talents featured in our publication.
WEBSITES FEAT. DECODA (09) Magazine (December 08) (Oct 08) (August 08) Cover ( 07)
PRINT: FEAT DECODA XXL Magazine (July 07)
PROMOTIONAL: DECODA Da Union: Promo Model: for DJ. Snatch-1 aka The Fireman World Wide Entertainment Blaze DVD( Flava Of the Month) Vol.6 & Vol. 9 Model of the Yr.(07)&(08) Black Hayze DVD: Promo( 2008)

Interests: Looking to network with various models and photographers as well as artist,dj's,and producers.

Special Markings:
one tatoo nose percing

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Stats: 1929

Personal Email: Contact Decoda-Broadway-
State: New York
Nearest Hub: New York
Ethnicity: Other

Physical Attributes:

Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:


Outer Wear:
Pants Size:
Dress Size:
Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Key Skills:
  • Fashion
  • Casual
  • Swimwear
  • Print/Editorial
  • Hair Makeup
  • Additional Skills:
  • Web Advertising
  • Modeleling Work Experience:
    Professional Status: Professional
    Experience Level: Experienced
    Location Availability: New York
    Type of Work Considered: Depends on Assignment
    Last Login: 09.29.09

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